Being an aviator is my main deal now…

“Mr. Iowa” 1946 Funk B85c—————-1957 Cessna C172B —–“Mr Tennessee” 1946 Funk B85c

… but being an Entertainment Production Professional is what gave me my wings.

Street Scene - Feb, 2017

Street Scene – My last opera at DePauw University
Lighting Design / Technical Direction – G. Duane Skoog
Production Director / Scenic/Projection Design – Joachim Schamberger

I still like to stretch my designer muscles to keep my gray matter pliable and production work is a love that will never completely release me from her velvet chains.

I have over 80 scenic and lighting designs that I am working to make available for use to those in the secondary education and community theatre world for a nominal fee.  Please check back for those listings.

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