A few days off…

Between prepping for our Super Bowl viewing party and having issues with my new blood pressure med, I’ve been a little recalcitrant with my blogging and more importantly letting some birthdays go by without the appropriate public noting… so I going to get right to it and catch up with the birthdays. …ooh, med is all good.


  • LAURA LALIK – Laura was a fellow design student with whom I studied along side during my days at Indiana University. She was a far more talented artist than myself. She had a great eye for design and her critiques of my projects (when all of us were pulling all-nighters to complete for the next morning) were instrumental is raising my grade point average. She has had a very sucessful career and worked on a Disney park project in China. Happy Birthday!!


  • ERIC SKOOG – is my first cousin. He lives over in Indianapolis, so I get to see him more often than most of my scattered cousins. He works security for the various “arena-cons” He has some stories that are even farther out there than my Miss Universe tales. Happy Birthday!!


  • BETH JOHNSON AINSWORTH – she is another Benton Central era friend. I’m sorry to say, I don’t recall which class of which she was a member. She was an Otterbein kid. Happy Birthday!
  • SUZANNE MULLER – She was a member of the Benton Central class of 75. She is a director of a bank and her husband is on of my childhood buddies. They have three great kids and a handful of grand kids now. Happy Birthday!!
  • JOHN FRANCIS TOWMEY – John was a former student at DePauw. My favorite memory of John was working with him during our production of Sweeney Todd. He played the Judge and as such had to slide down the trap door from the barber chair down to the kitchen. He was very hesitant at first, but being a true theatrical trouper, he made it work and the show went on. Happy Birthday!!


  • Sean David Anthony – is my nephew. His father was George Anthony. Sean is a Restaurateur and aspiring Vet Tech. Also a wicked funny guy and a hoot to have at our beach vacations. Happy Birthday!!
  • Maureen Bailey – was a DePauw SOM vocal major. She is a soprano and performed in Moore Theatre while I was Technical Director there.
  • Nancy Leuck Blackford – another BC kid from my childhood. She was one of the dozens of Leuck clan that populated most of northern Benton County. Happy Birthday!!
  • DALE GROVE – Dale was a colleague at DPU. He was instrumental in teaching me the ropes of the yearly life cycle of the university. He was also a farm-boy and a gear-head just like myself. His weakness is road course cars. Happy Birthday!!
  • Carol Ann Metzinger – yet another B.C. Class of ’75 alum. She was quiet and studious (just the opposite of me). She always had a smile for me and would usually laugh when I was engaged at claiming the title of Class Clown. Happy Birthday!!


  • BROOKE ADDISON – another one of my DPU kids. She was a vocal arts major with a voice from above. She was an invaluable asset backstage during the opera’s. No one was better at wrangling opera singers. She is now well on her way to becoming baddest fighter pilot in the Navy. Words cannot express the envy I hold for her, nor the pride I carry in having her as a friend. Happy Birthday!!
  • JANE E. HOAKS – was in the class ahead of me at Benton Central. We did all of the plays together and she tried her best to keep me in line. Her brother, Jerry was a friend during school days. Happy Birthday!!


Nobody on my list, but someone out there has one today. Happy Birthday!!

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