Just another day…

Spent the morning working on school bus driver training. Spent last two mornings training. It is fun being back behind the wheel of a truck. Buses now have automatic transmissions, which take some of the fun out of it. I had to pull around orange cones, back through oranges cones and I managed to do so without striking a single one. My instructor was surprised and offered that he was impressed. Onward and upward…

I also accomplished some good work on the airplane. I put another coat of UV paint on the right wing and started detailing the fuselage for its paint treatment. I’ve also started work on putting an skylight in the fuselage. It is good to be me…


Stuart “Stu” Jones– I’ve known Stu since kindergarten at Oxford Elementary. I consider him one of my best friends, though it is one of those friendships that our paths cross only from time to time. If I have to explain that type of friendship… well… you wouldn’t understand anyway.

Nathan SkoogNathan is my second cousin. I used to babysit his dad, Doug and his brother Joel (Nathan’s uncle) when I was a wee teenager. Nathan is an honorable young man and he has grown into a fine gear-head.

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