PIC of a new vehicle…

Today was my second day of training to become a bus driver. The South Putnam School Corp decided it will be worth training me up. The similarities between being PIC (Pilot In Command) and a DIC (Driver In Command) are many.

As with the Pre-flight inspection of the aircraft we are required to do a Pre-Trip inspection for the school bus. We look over the aircraft/bus from engine compartment, major mechanical systems, airframe/chassis and passenger safety equipment. The sequence is the same, every time prior to every trip. With the ultimate goal of keeping passengers, craft and property safe and unharmed. The only tangible difference is one craft leaves the ground and the other does not.

The added benefit is being able to feel excitement and anticipation on the same level as becoming a pilot. The energy of the bus garage is that of the FBO on the airfield. There will be challenges along the way and I’m sure I’ll have some grumpy old guy on the porch moments with “these dang kids” but the energy of youth is what keeps this planet interesting. This motor vehicle path has the benefit of feeling as a new beginning and at the same time a feeling of familiarity and comfort…


Lindsey Adams – She was a student with whom I worked in my early days at DePauw. She took on the role of Musical Director of our production of Sweeney Todd. It was formidable task to which she rose to accomplish with talent and determination. I consider that production as one of my top 10 production design experiences. She has continued her career as a musical director and also has a family of two lovely children and proud husband. It makes me smile to have been a small part of her journey.

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