Hodge-Podge rehab update…

…I spent some quality time in the hangar today work on the wing for the Funk B85c rebuild. I applied the fabric fill coat and the first UV cross-coat. The fill coat just puts an even fill of thinned adhesive over the entire fabric. Next I applied the first of 4 cross-coats of UV paint. The UV paint blocks the ultra-violet light from the sun from degrading the fabric. Think of it as sun screen for old airplanes.

A cross-coat is actually two coats of paint. One is applied vertically and after that one dries the next is applied horizontally. Luckily this paint dries very quickly. It is like painting the Golden Gate bridge. Once you get to the end, back you go to where you started and begin again.


Alan Windler– is a Benton County boy whom I spent my days with at Benton Central. He now lives the bearded long hair life in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Patti Woods Baugues- is a classmate from Benton Central’s Class of 1975. I still consider her a friend even though she works for one of the Bison’s athletic nemesis, West Lafayette Red Devils. The salt in the wound is that she is the administrative assistant of the athletic department!

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