First step away…

Yesterday on my 63rd birthday, I made the resolution to step away from Facebook and focus my energies on my website and this blog. Actually, the seed for the resolution was planted a year ago when I created this website. I decided to keep track of how I felt after interacting with the largest social media platform on the planet for a year. Then decide which platform I should focus upon. It wasn’t even close. There was never a time when I left the Facebook site with a feeling of having experienced a positive activity. The negative energy always over came the positive.

So I am completely rethinking how I am going to treat the internet and my interactions with cyber space. I now look at the internet as closer to what I believe was the original intent. A repository for various overlapping sources of information… a library if you will.

While I was in graduate school at Indiana University there was a small cubicle type of table in the far corner of the floor of the main library where all of the theatre books were shelved. I would sit there when I really needed to get away from the noise of college life. It was a place where I could compare and contrast the various volumes I needed for design projects, class research, etc.

This website is now that cubicle table in the inter-web library. My little haven from the troll noise of social media. Now, social media is the fastest growing wing of the library and there is no stopping that and I would not advocate doing so. It is just not a wing that has much to offer me. I begrudge no one who enjoys social media and they should indulge as they see fit and best wishes to all of them. It is just not for me.

The final straw is I can no longer abide the fact that every mouse click I do or motivate by my posts on Facebook puts money in the pocket of a guy who chose to screw his college friends so he could keep it all for himself.


Wow, this is one of only two days in the month of January where there are no friends’ birthdays to celebrate. Soooo… Happy Birthday today to all who are celebrating another complete orbit around the sun since the day of their birth!!

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