Organizing ones retirement years…

So where do you take a class for this?

I’ve been retired for a calendar year now and seem as disjointed as I was when I graduated from college.  Back in the day there was finding the job you would have for the next 30 years.  Then it evolved into plans, 5-year plan, 10-year plan, etc.  Then it becomes the life as described by John Lennon.  It goes on around you while you are messing with overlapping maps of children intergrated with your own.

Then that magical day buried in mythos arrives- Retirement.  You relize that you have spent the last 15 years focused on bringing order to the varied financial goblins and trolls lurking in the shadows without giving much thought to what you are actually going to DO with the minutes that are ticking away…

…Then it hits you… just pretend you’re back in college.  It is all out there… multiple paths, muliple choices.  A buffet of directions from which you can choose…  So just get on with the fun!

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